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Advance booking is required for groups of 12 and more people. If you plan on going on the safari tour during the weekend, we recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance.

When planning your visit to the safari, we suggest taking into consideration that in 1 hour we can offer a tour for 24-36 people. Therefore, we recommend planning a two hour visit for groups of 24 and more people . While a part of the group is on the tour, the rest can spend time by the pond, take a walk in the park, get a coffee and pizza  at our pizzeria, and play some tennis or baskeball, while the kids spend time in the playground.
20 min safari tour
Entry to the safari park*
4 eur
1 eur
Children (aged 3-13)
3 eur
1 eur
Children (aged 0-3)
*Members of a group who want to go an a safari tour, have to pay for the safari + the entrance fee
*Members of a group who don‘t want to go on a safari tour only have to pay the entrance fee
For further inquires please email:

Birthday at the Safari/Pizzeria

Birthday at the Safari/Pizzeria

For a wild experience, host your child‘s birthday party at the Safari! Pizza, fresh air, playground, and of course, the safari, guarantees a fun, educational, and unique day for the kids.

4-hour Safari Birthday package includes:

- 4-hour stay at the Safari

- 30-minute Safari tour

- playground, trampoline

- fishing, pond, beach

- Pizzeria and a reserved table

Price: 10€ / person

Minimum number of people: 6 Food and drinks can be purchased separately. We recommend arranging a pizza order with us prior to arrival.

To inquire, check availability, or book your upcoming party, please email: