The beaver

The beaver - the heaviest rodent found in Lithuania that weighs between 20 and 26 kilograms.

The South African ostrich

Tom, Kevin, and the others :) 2-3 years old. These four mischievous ostriches are adored by the visitors. No wonder they're convinced that they own the entire safari park. 

Ostriches are the largest living birds and are capable of covering five meters in a single stride. 

CAUTION: ostriches can be dangerous! Be alert when around them!

Highland cattle

Scottish Highland Cattle have a large, strong build and a thick double layer of long hair, which enable the cow to survive harsh winters in tough environments. 

On hot summer days twelve of these Scottish giants are likely to be found laying in the shade.

CAUTION: avoid getting too close to the cattle as they might injure your or damage the vehicle with their horns!

The white stork

The white stork - a large bird in the stork family, Ciconiidae.

European mouflon

Mouflon are wild sheep, a species regarded as one of the two original ancestors of modern-day sheep.

Mouflon usually feed early in the day as well as during the evening, and will rest during the day where they can be well hidden, under an overhanging rock or bush.

The grey crowned crane

The grey crowned crane -  a bird in the crane family, Gruidae.


Fox - omnivorous mammals belonging to the family Canidae.

The fallow deer

The deer have been with us since 2012. Currently there are over 150 of these animals in the herd. 

Females usually bear a single fawn in late May-early June, so the safari tour experience can be extra special during this time of year.


Rabbit - a small mammal in the family Leporidae.


Llama - a domesticated South American camelid


Three cheerful alpacas will definitely brighten your day on Safari! 

Alpacas are closely related to llamas, but can be readily distinguished by their smaller size and curlier fur.


The newest addition to our Safari family - Shrek and Fiona.