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About us

About us

Safari park

Welcome to Safari Park

This year we will start the fourth season of Safari Park. And we are very happy to offer even more animals and even more entertainment.

In the fenced 50-hectare park of hills, woods and swamps you will find more than 200 animals - zebras, fallow deer, black African ostriches, Highland horns, llamas, alpacas, mouflons, donkeys, Welsh ponies, camels, buffaloes graze here. We invite you to look at the animal world up close and without any stalls, as if they were at large.

Sit in one of the ten SUVs of Safari Park - LandRover Defender, Mitsubish Pajero, Suzuki Vitara and embark on an unforgettable safari adventure for an entire hour.

Safari park


Camelus bactrianus


Another news for the 2021 season. Look for camels on an African island along with ostriches, zebras and buffalo.

Equus quagga chapmani


This is the big news for our park in 2021. We look forward for your meeting with these unique animals. Just remember that zebras are dangerous wildlife. Admire them from a distance 🙂

Dama dama

Fellow deers

The oldest and most abundant residents of the park. A timid, graceful, proud animal. A unique feeling when you find bolder ones who aren’t afraid to access the SUV and even allow them to touch their noses.

Bos taurus taurus

Highland cattle

Curly, crunchy and very horny 🙂 Very cute but dangerous!

Ovis aries musimon


One of the more difficult tasks of a safari tour is to find and take pictures of mouflons. These park dwellers are great nomads. But look around the plains of Europe and you will surely find.

Vicugna pacos


These are the most fashionable residents of the park. Showcases the latest hairstyle fashions, prides itself on its clean and smooth fur, walks with raised heads. As if they had just come from Milan.

Equus asinus


Dear and cheerful terrorists of the park. Always working in a couple. One blocks the path, the other inserts a snout through the window and demands his carrot. Have a carrot prepared for them 🙂

Struthio camelus


Ostriches are the real owners of the park. Their size and power are only visible when approached. As long as you are in the car, you can feel safe, but protect your ears and fingers!

Equus ferus caballus

Welsh ponies

Naughty, relentless horses who will always find an reason and opportunity to say hello to you. Watch out for their teeth and everything will be fine.

Bubalus bubalis


While they look very funny and innocent, don’t underestimate their horns and strength. Buffaloes are still young and all the beauty and greatness of their horns will appear only in a few years, but they can attack powerfully now, well, but will tehy never give up on carrots 🙂

Lama glama


Llamas – graceful, colorful, fluffy and with character, so you have to really try if you want to interest them 🙂 The llama herd consists of as many as 8 llamas, you will find them in a separate South American canyon, where we think they feel like in the mountains of Peru 🙂

Ovis aries musimon

Blacknose sheep

Cute and funny. You have to see them and touch them to make them really real 🙂 You will find sheep the island of small animals surrounded by water, where you can enter and if you are lucky enough to pat and feed them.

The rabbits run freely over a large area. Come in and visit them. Sit on the benches and watch them play, eating grass. It’s like meditation after a hard week of work.

Safari Park


Safari Park gift vouchers are a great opportunity to give a gift full of emotions and adventures
Safari Park gift vouchers are a great opportunity to give a gift full of emotions and adventures

Give a Safari Park gift certificate. A small gift is full of great emotions and adventures for the whole family. It’s both a challenge to drive an SUV off-road, and…

New park SUVs – Land Rover Defender
New park SUVs – Land Rover Defender

2 LandRover Defender SUVs have joined the existing Mitsubishi Pajero SUV fleet. We are very pleased to offer a Safari ride with these cars.

New animals in the park in the season 2021
New animals in the park in the season 2021

Most of our new residents have already arrived – zebras, camels, buffaloes, blacknose sheep. Very much looking forward to seeing them grazing in the park 🙂