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The 2020 season is over, the animals are resting and wintering, but we look forward to seeing you in 2021. We will start the new season from 01/05/2021 and will work until 30/09/2021.


The park is only 5 km from the city of Anykščiai, leaving Anykščiai towards Panavėžio / Torškūnai. If you use navigation, we recommend that you use Safari Park name instead of the address to enter the park, as the address incorrectly shows the entry point. The park has the only entrance from the Anykščiai-Panevėžys / Troškūnai road at Vikoniai settlement, Gylių Street.

Anykščiai sen. Anykščiai district. 29174

Phone: +370 666 00114 

E-mail: info@safariparkas.lt

Safari Park Tour Organizer:

MB “Silvia ir broliai”

Code: 305500464

VAT code: LT100013317714

Address: Anykščiai district. sav., Anykščiai sen., Ažupiečių k. 14,

LT 29174

Bank account: LT627300010161998155

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